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Mechalopolis is a game of defeat. It's crushingly hard, and you will not win. It has infinite waves of randomly selected enemies to destroy you. If you manage to defeat them before they crush you, you'll be rewarded with a meager amount of resources. Collect enough of these resources, and you'll be able to craft some repair kits to buff out all that damage you're taking. If you have some scraps leftover, you can spend them on some consumable devices to help you take down your enemies. If that's not good enough, spend your hard earned change on some permanent system upgrades.

So how do you win? Well there is no end game exactly, but if you can manage to craft every system upgrade, and have 1 of each device and repair kit, I'll call you champ.

This game was created for JamCraft 2 game jam, so it may not feel like a complete game (lack of music for example). This is the current build made for the game jam.

A tool tip is used to display a lot of information, and the Android version is not optimized for this. You can still get the tool tip by tapping and holding over something.

Art was done by Jean "Wrecked Limo" Matfield. You can check out his blog and more from him here.

Programming was done by Jason Hutson, and you can find his work here.

A big thanks to Oscar Nyberg, @ockenyberg, for some awesome last minute help with doing all the audio.

Install instructions

A quick tutorial, because we didn't have time to get it in for the game jam...

to toggle fullscreen.

to restart game.

ESC to quit game.

Craft permanent upgrades in the system menu to make you stronger and faster.

Craft repair kits and single use power up devices in the crafting menu.

Repair kits can be used during combat with a cool down time, or outside of combat with no cool down.

Single use devices can only be equipped outside of combat by selecting the middle left slot, then choosing your device. These devices give you an attack boost, defense boost, or stop the enemy from attacking for a short period. Each has it's own cool down time.

You can select which robot to target at any time by clicking on it.


Mechalopolis 0.1.2 Windows 8 MB
Mechalopolis 0.1.2 Android 11 MB

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